I was hired by Molly Gallagher as a freelance graphic designer to design logos for her businesses, Gal Friday Chicago ( a virtual assistance placement service, and her non-profit agency, The Lit Chick (, an organization focused on helping women adjust after difficult times.

Because she is a sole proprietor, I gave her a break on my hourly rate. I did not charge her time consulting/ communicating with her, nor did I charge her for my time consulting with my printer, who printed out her Gal Friday Chicago business cards.

On October 26, 2006, Molly asked me to send her an invoice for the logos I
created for and, so we could be up to date
with what she owed me. I emailed her an invoice, and Molly said she would
pay it
immediately. She asked me if I took PayPal. At the time, I didn’t, but
have since set up an account solely for Molly. I told her a check would be fine.

No check.

I sent Molly a couple of reminder emails.

No response.

I finally called Molly the day before Thanksgiving, and she assured me the
check would go in the mail on Friday, November 24, the day after Thanksgiving.
I emphatically asked her if I would receive the check the following week, and
Molly Gallagher said yes.

No check.

I sent more emails to all of Molly’s email addresses
(both and

No response.

I filled our her “Contact Me” form on her Gal Friday Chicago site asking her
to pay me.

No response.

I left a phone message for her.

No response.

I set up a PayPal account for her and sent her a reminder through PayPal.

No response.

I can only assume at this point that I’m being ripped off.

I’ve filed a complaint about her to her local Better Business Bureau
chapter, and took her to Small Claims Court. However, because
we’re in different states, it won’t get resolved.

So why am I going public about this?

First, I’m angry. Like her, I’m a sole proprietor making a living for myself working out of my home so my children can have me around.

Second, to send out a word of caution: if you decide to do business with Molly Gallagher, where she’ll owe you money, you could be sorry you did. I know I am.

Third, don’t do any business without getting a deposit first! I know I won’t (not anymore!)


Been in a similar situation, with Molly Gallagher or anyone else? Share your story here.
The irony of doing business with Molly is that as female sole proprietors, we connected (or so I thought) about earning a living away from the corporate world, and being able to be there more for our kids as a result. Even more ironically, her non-profit organization, The Lit Chick focuses on helping women get back on their feet after difficult periods of time. By not paying me for my services, Molly is sending a terrible message to women... that their services are not worth compensating!